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Australian Made

It was very exciting to be asked to join the Australian Made section of the Sydney Gift Fair last week and the support from the Australian Made Campaign was outstanding.

Despite our constant struggle against Chinese manufacturing prices, it was encouraging to see that there is still a strong following for Australian Made products and it appears to just be getting stronger.

I am proud to be a part of this movement and as challenging as it is to get the balance right between manufacturing a quality product and keeping affordable prices, I thank my suppliers who understand this difficult task and join me in recognising the importance of supporting the Australian economy and workforce.

Our range of Australian Made giftware at the Fair amazed all our visitors, with accolade given specifically towards our quality standards. Printing of products for example is of paramount importance in reproducing the original vibrancy of my artworks (an important element in my representation of the Australian landscape), which can be seen in our range of Australian Made stubby coolers here...


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