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Frequently Asked Questions

What has inspired Michelle?

Michelle grew up in Carnarvon, Western Australia.  Her Father worked with Elders Pastoral and her Mother with School Of The Air - there were therefore many trips into the outback of WA and the rich colours of her Australian artworks can be attributed to these experiences.  The animals within her works are anthropomorphised to represent what Michelle and her sister typically did to make their own fun in the bush and indeed the Pilbara region. 

A good example of this, is 'Up To His Neck In It' - derived from Michelle's childhood when her friends and herself used to collect ghost crabs at 'The Blowholes' not far from Carnarvon and secretly fill each-others sleeping bags with them!  Check out this fun illustration here...

Where does she live now?

Having previously spent 18 years in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia, Michelle now resides in country Victoria.  Her works reflect a variety of environments from around Australia and various experiences relevant to different areas, including floods, fires and a myriad of new fauna.   Click on the links below to see some great talk pieces...

I have a written a children's book - can Michelle illustrate it?

Absolutely!  Michelle has illustrated many children's books, for both Publishing Companies and Self Publishers.

Simply email her at with the following information and she will get back to you as quickly as possible to let you know whether she is the right person for you :)

- Manuscript

- Number of illustrations required

- Whether the illustrations are full page, half page or viniettes

- Target demographic of publication

- Whether the book is colour or black and white

- Timeframe within which illustrations are required

- How you are planning to publish / distribute the book

Can Michelle help me with any other illustrative work?

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Michelle has completed many illustrative jobs for various people and organisations, including school motivational designs, organisational signage, logo design, garment design, vehicle wraps, kitchen splash-backs and much, much more.  Simply email her at to let her know what you need.

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