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    • Australian Sarcasm Has A Place In Artwork

      Along with our classic use of dark humour, Australians are also prone to a little sarcasm which can often be missed by others not so well versed. The key is to catch those subtle innuendos such as the way something is said (tone or pitch of voice) and the facial expression used to say it. I have often been the butt of a dry joke in the hope that they can catch me out (and they often do!), but I like to consider it a compliment. People know I can take a joke. Unfortunately, I am not nearly as quick at giving it back verbally and that's where my paintings serve a purpose. Hopefully you can enjoy the sarcasm within, as much as I enjoyed painting them :) This latest creation is called 'Over Capitalising' - a great example of what I'm talking about. Follow this link to purchase this artwork as a paper or canvas print or even leave a review!

    • Funny (But Dark) Artwork Catches Fireman's Eye

      Many think that dark humour is more often than not a way of dealing with adversity. Nothing can be truer when it comes to understanding the Australian sense of humour - although considered somewhat 'strange' to some other countries, it is one of (I feel) our most endearing traits and often gets us through the other side of trying times. I am sure you will agree that most of my artwork is executed with a degree of dark humour, but I always endeavour to put a smile on peoples faces and certainly never intend to offend. Thankfully this visitor to my concept store the other day, saw the funny side of something he normally takes very seriously. Click here to view more tongue-in-cheek representations of Aussie life.

    • 50% Off

      Having a chance to clean up the studio, I wanted to pass my 'liberation' on to my valued customers in the form of a 50% off sale on all open edition prints - whatever the size or format! Valid only until the end of April 2020 and only while stocks last, make sure you jump online here to make the most of my cleaning frenzy! * Please note that due to COVID-19, postage times may be delayed *

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